Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Slice of Life 2018 is Coming!

In less than a month you'll get to read my wonderful (and sometimes wacky) daily thoughts for Slice of Life.  Hard to believe it's been almost a full year already!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Fundraiser Friday

Whoa!  Tonight was a ton of fun!!

  • I enjoyed helping set up the photo booth this afternoon.
  • There were so many fantastic silent auction items, and I even won a Thirty-One Gifts tote.
  • The basketball game was a blast.  I loved getting out there and playing a team sport again.  Although I only played basketball in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, it was kind of like riding a bike.  
  • I actually scored during the game.  I'm pretty sure I scored more points during tonight's game than I did during junior high games (and the other players were mostly my size back then, LOL!)
  • The king tribute to Kevin would have made him proud.  He will be sorely missed, but I feel like we honored him well.  I know he was smiling down on us tonight.
I can't wait until next year! 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Creative Outlet

I am somewhat creative.  I can sew, scrapbook, and paint, but for the most part it's more about re-creating than creating something new.  I am great at following a pattern or taking something that is already there and attempting to remake it based on what someone else has already done.  And that's okay.  But lately I've been trying to create more by doing Zentangles.  I've never been a doodler.  I've never felt confident in my ability to doodle well.  Now, I still don't think I'm spectacular, but it's something I've come to enjoy; the process of creating regardless of how perfect or "right" it is.

I first learned about it this past summer at a Gifted conference as a way to help kids decompress or calm down if they are stressed about something.  For some kids it can create more anxiety if they're focusing only on it being "just so," but if kids can look past any imperfections and see how the "mistake" can be used to branch off into a new tangle, then it can serve a very helpful purpose.

If you need ideas for what to draw, the website has dozens upon dozens of ideas!

Here are two of my Zentangle cards. :)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Yay for Wednesday

Ah, Wednesday.

Wednesday always feels like a long day.  I know each day has the same number of hours, but it seems I always have more to pack in during a Wednesday than on other days of the week.  Wednesdays tend to make my kids grumpy.  They're already a bit worn out from Monday and Tuesday, and a late night for church makes them extra tired on Thursday morning.

This morning the day was ruined for my three-year-old.  It wasn't even 7 AM, but her life was already ruined.  Why?  Well, because there were no clean purple bowls.  Yep.  She had to have a green one.  Funny how on days she doesn't have her heart set on a purple bowl, she happily proclaims green to be one of her favorite colors.  Not so today.  Yay for being three.

Yay for Wednesday.

Tuesday's Thoughts

"A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money."  -John Ruskin

"An acre of performance is worth the whole world of promise."  -James Howell

A lot of people have been doing random acts of kindness, and it's something that has been on the news outlets for a few years now.  Highlighting various random acts.  I know I blogged awhile back about how small things are everything, but that's more true when something sad or devastating has happened.  Those small acts feel good when life is going well, but seeing/doing/receiving those small acts are magnified into something bigger, feel even greater, when life has you down.

The small acts of kindness I've seen in Webb City Middle School since the sadness of this past weekend, in just two short days, is ginormous.

We don't have to have a lot, or even promise someone the moon (or whole world), to make an impact on those around us.

Monday, March 27, 2017


I don't know how I am still crying. Surely the tears should all be gone by now.

Almost two weeks ago we lost an amazing man of God who touched our family in immeasurable ways by ministering to our kids as well as being a phenomenal example of what it means to live life for Christ.  Steve was one of the founding members of our church when it started.  That was almost 10 years before I started going there, but his love for Christ and his belief in the local body and how it can touch lives was exemplified daily.  His celebration of life ceremony was a week ago yesterday.

Then came yesterday. Like Steve, there are just some people who when you meet them, you know they KNOW Jesus and love him well. Kevin was one such person. His smile, his countenance, and his presence shone the love and light of Christ to all he met.  He had the most caring servant's heart, and he loved the people he worked with and the kids of our school so much.  Even though I've not been at WCMS during the school year for even a full year, Kevin has made such a positive impact on me for quite a few years during summer school, and I can honestly say there's a big hole now at our school.  Kevin was a wonderful friend, and he will be greatly missed.

I feel so empty right now, and truly didn't even want to blog today.  I know putting my feelings into words is healthy and good, but my heart just hurts so much.

Sunday, March 26, 2017


Friendship, fellowship, community.

One can never overestimate the value of those things.  Our life group recently expanded and added a few new couples to the three who've been together for several years.  Because of this recent addition, we've been doing a video series on community.  Basically laying a foundation for the group and the importance of making strong connections so that when life gets tough and the enemy is attacking, you know you've got some people in your corner.

We typically meet every other Sunday night, but our last one was three weeks ago.  At that life group meeting we watched a video session about telling your story.  Pretty much just about putting out there in front of the group the good, the bad, and the ugly of what life has thrown at you.  Being vulnerable so that they can see the real you, and not just the you with the facade you let the masses see.  Since my husband and I lead the life group, I went first in sharing, but since we only had time for one person to share after the video and group discussion, I was the only one to share.  It was humbling.  It was a bit emotional, but it was good.  And, even the other couples who have known me for years learned new things about me that they didn't know before.  But the trust is there, and I know they are for me.

Tonight we met again, and after sitting and chatting, plus eating some really yummy snacks, a few more people shared.  And it was so good.  I already knew bits and pieces of their stories from conversations and doing life together, but it was amazing to hear them lay it out like the did.  And, honestly, as humbling as it was for me to lay my story out there for others, I think it was more humbling to listen to their stories.  Why?  Because that means they trust me, they trust the group.  They've bought in to the idea that we will be there for them and have their back when things get rough, and they will.  But when you have people who know your heart and love you no matter what, that's a pretty great place to be.

If you don't have a group like that, find some people who can know the real you.  The real you is worth knowing.