Saturday, March 31, 2018

Quick Round Trip

We made our quick round trip, and packed in as much as possible.  First, we had a 4-hour drive up to Manhattan (Kansas--our van doesn't have a warp speed option--maybe that'll be a standard feature of the next minivan we buy!).  We quickly checked in to our Airbnb, which was great, by the way, and then we went to my brother's house for dinner and conversation.  My kids and their kids had a blast playing together and getting to know each other since it'd been a little over 2 years since they'd seen each other. 

Then this morning we got up and went downtown to the race location.  We cheered my mom on both going out and coming back on the race course, and my kids jumped on a bounce house between the two cheering times.  Then we did a little shopping and driving around to see all my previous schools (K-6, 7-8, 9, and 10-12) before going to lunch and hitting the road again.  All in all it was a great, albeit fast, trip.

P.S. Our high school wasn't big enough for all students 9-12, so 9th graders were in one building to combine the two middle schools--that's what our 7-8 grade buildings were called--then 10-12 were in the main high school campus building.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Finally Friday

Some weeks seem to drag on forever.  I suppose those are the weeks where something out of the norm for the schedule.  This week, for instance, has a half-day on Friday.  I suppose it's actually more than half, but many people call it that anyway.  Regardless, the excitement of getting out early so we can travel is immense.  After school gets out we have to quickly pack Coltin's travel bag since I already packed the girls' things with mine, and Travis will have to pack his as well.  It's just a short trip, so it shouldn't take long. 

I haven't seen my brother and sister-in-law or their kids (I've never met their youngest, actually) in a couple of years.  I know for some that would seem strange, and it is.  My family's dynamics are quite dysfunctional.  But it is what it is.  Aside from seeing my brother and his family, my husband, kids, and I are going to cheer my mom on in her first ever (and maybe only the way she tells it) 5K race.  Running, as you know, is important to me, so it'll be neat seeing her partake in something I love so much.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Taking it Back, Old School

Well, to some of my readers (there are about 3 of you), Disney Channel in the 1990's isn't really "old school," but to me it is.  I miss the monthly (or something like that) made-for-TV movies that would come out.  They were cheesy as all get out, and somewhat predictable, but I sure enjoyed them!  Probably the biggest and well-known was High School Musical.  It's classic, really.  I loved that one so much that when I was getting married, my bachelorette party consisted of three things: dinner out with my bridesmaids, baking chocolate chip cookies, and watching High School Musical on DVD.  Seriously.

I suppose my love for those movies helped fuel my love for Hallmark movies.  They're much the same in my book, just with older actors.  The storylines are similar, and the acting isn't always the best, BUT I'm okay with that.  They're fantastic for a lazy Sunday afternoon or when I'm crafting or folding laundry.  If I miss a bit of dialogue or have to pop out of the room for a bit, it's probably not going to affect my understanding of the plot.  They're quite perfect in that respect.  My husband rolls his eyes when I watch them because he says they're pointless.  You know within three minutes who will end up with whom.  True though that may be, they're happy and enjoyable, and my kids love them, too.  :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Spring Fever

I'm so ready for warmer weather on a consistent basis.  I love spring, but let's be honest, this cold, rainy, gloomy weather just isn't the idealized picture of what spring looks like.  Anyway, here's another terrible poem by me.  Haha!

Partly cloudy
Rainy days
Inside recess
Nighttime cool temps
Go to bed later

Flowers blooming
Endless sneezing
Very pretty
Easter photos
Reading books (that goes for all year, but I was out of ideas by the end, hahahaha!)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Being Adventurous

I think I'm a pretty fun gal, at least when in small groups.  But I'm not super adventurous.  Occasionally, however, I get a wild hair and do something outside of my comfort zone.  One such time was last summer when we spontaneously went on vacation.  Usually "vacation" means going to Branson for a couple days, visiting Silver Dollar City, doing a little shopping, and having fun as a family.  But last summer I decided all of a sudden we should go somewhere new for vacation.  On a Sunday evening I brought up San Antonio as an option, took a crash course in San Antonio attractions/things to do over the next couple of days, and we hit the road that Friday.  Wowzers!  That was super strange for me, but thankfully my husband is super chill and just went with it.

This week I got a new wild hair.  Well, wild for me.  I'm super comfortable with staying hotels, but it was suggested to me to try to find a listing on Airbnb for our quick overnight this weekend.  So I did!  I'm so excited!  It's a downstairs "apartment" of a house with a separate entrance, not too far from the neighborhood in which I grew up, and it's only $54, including fees.  Can't beat that with a stick!  Anyway, I'd never booked with Airbnb, obviously, so when I submitted my booking request I had to wait for the owner to confirm.  I didn't realize that was part of the process, so the 30-ish minutes I had to wait (the site said it could take up to 24 hours to get a confirmation) was so nerve-wracking!  I felt like a prepubescent kid who sent a folded up note with "I like you.  Do you like me?  Circle yes or no" written on it and was waiting for a response!  Holy moly was I delighted when I got the confirmation.  It seems silly, but it was thrilling!

Maybe I'll start being adventurous more often.  Or not (trust me, there were some serious snafus during our San Antonio vacation...maybe that'll be tomorrow's blog).

Monday, March 26, 2018

I Did It!

I ran tonight.  It wasn't until almost 7:30 because we went to the library after school, Travis had CrossFit, and then both girls had ball practice. was later than I wanted to go, but I got out there and pushed myself.  It was raining and pretty dark by the end, but I did it! 

Tomorrow night we have nothing too big going on (I don't think), so I should have an easier time getting out to run.  There are more chances for rain tomorrow, but I'm hoping it'll blow out by the time evening hits.  I don't absolutely hate running in the rain, but it's definitely not my favorite.

I'm proud of myself for getting my run in because dinner was ready (steak fajitas in the pressure cooker), and they smelled amazing!  So, I was a good runner girl and went and ran so I could eat extra food after. Hahaha!  That's how it goes.  I'm pretty sure if I didn't love food so much I could be super skinny, but that's okay.  Food tastes better than skinny looks.  At least most of the time. :D

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The End

Oh, how I wish it were the end of Slice of Life.  Just kidding.  Well, maybe not.  It's really not so bad getting on here and typing a few sentences every day, hopefully giving you, reader, something to be entertained about, but I do always look forward to the end of March (you know, for the two times I've done SoL, that is).  Anyway, the "end" I'm talking about is that of spring break.  Yeah, it's time to go back to work.  No more late nights watching Netflix and reading books or sleeping in until 8 (that's what passes for sleeping in around here).  But that's okay.  We had a good week.  Two kids got sick, but the third one kept it at bay.  We got to go to Springfield one day and mess around a bit.  I went to Mansfield (lots of "fields" in Missouri, apparently), and I got to tour the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum and the home she, Almanzo, and Rose lived in during their later years.  I also had life group with my life group friends and my kids went to an Easter egg hunt.  All in all, it was as spectacular and relaxing as I expected it to be, so that's kind of a good thing.